Monday, January 30, 2012

Off to a great start....

So yeah, it's the last week in January and I'm already behind. In my defense Andrew and I have both been sick this week and my week started with a urgent nanny search because my nanny quit with only one week's notice and I had to go into massive nanny network/interview/trial mode for the first half of the week. On the upside we found a great nanny who Andrew loves and who I think is going to be a great fit for our family. The downside... I'm WAY behind on Pinterest projects!!! So, this week I plan to do two projects to make up for last week, and right now I'll share a couple of other ideas I found on Pinterest that were implemented last year.

Daddy Backrub Roadmap Shirt

I found this idea before Christmas and knew it was a must make! My husband is always begging for backrubs and my son is into cars... seems simple enough. I got some fabric markers, a t-shirt and got to work. It was super easy and a fun gift to see opened on Christmas morning. Andrew had fun driving the cars around on daddy's back and daddy got a mini back massage.

Paint Tape Finger Painting

I stumbled upon this pin and got inspired to pull out the finger paints that Andrew got for his birthday. We had a painting playdate and used the painters tape to hold down the paper and then got creative. We taped the kids' initials and let them go to town with the paint. The initials turned out really well so next we taped out some Christmas trees and used the green and red paint to cover the page. They turned out really well... I'm thinking this idea works for pretty much any occasion. Tape a heart for Valentines Day etc.... A few tips. Let the paint dry completely before pulling the tape off and use paper meant for finger painting. Regular paper gets soggy and tears when the tape comes off. Enjoy!

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