Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day heart garland

I saw this idea for a little simple Valentine's Day decor and thought it looked cute, easy and how long could it take? Turns out a fairly long time. I finished it all in just one evening and was very happy with how it turned out, so I'm still glad I did it, but there were several "what have I gotten myself into" moments along the way.

I started by making a heart template out of an index card and used that folded in half over felt folded in half and got into a pretty good rhythm of cutting out hearts... still, 150 hearts later and a blister on my finger from the scissors I was over it. At that point I had used up one sheet of each color (white, pink and red $.33 at JoAnne Fabric) so it was time to sew. I learned very quickly that it's critical to put the hearts into the sewing machine top first. I started point first and it didn't work at all! (If I'd read the details from the initial site that was pinned I could have saved myself that lesson.) Sewing all of the hearts together took about 5 minutes and turned out so cute!! I liked it so much when I draped it across the mantle that I wanted more for my bookshelves! I mean, that didn't take THAT long right??? Cut to two hours later and I'm once again thinking "what have I gotten myself into" and I'm surrounded by another 150 or so hearts. Ugh, such a whippin' but then I sewed them all together in about 5 more minutes and was in love once again.

So, if you can sucker someone else into cutting out the hearts I highly recommend this project and qualify it as quick and easy. If you're cutting your own it's still easy but not so quick.

What I do love about it is that because I used fabric instead of a paper chain or something like this it's a one and done kind of project. It's a fun little touch of Valentine's Day decor that looks great against the white wood of our mantle and build in booksheves, takes up no space in storage after the holiday and will be easy to pull out and put back up in minutes next year. Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)

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