Monday, January 2, 2012

Pinterest, you are my New Year's Resolution!

I discovered the awesomeness that is Pinterest several months ago and spent hours upon hours exploring and pinning awesome idea after awesome idea. Then I realized I hadn't actually done anything other than created one heck of an impressive to-do list. So around Thanksgiving I decided that 2012 was going to be my year of doing, not just pinning and planning. I figured then a good resolution for me would be to do at least one idea I've pinned a week. Seems like a resolution I could actually keep up with and think of all of the stuff I'd get done! Christmas made it really easy to get started and I've already used many of the ideas I found. Here are some of my favorites. Off to a running start...

Vodka Gummy Bears

I did vodka soaked gummy bears and jack daniels soaked gummy coke bottles. YUM and YOWZA all at the same time. Not sure what went wrong, but instead of gummy bears/bottles at the end I had two mason jars that were solid gummy shots. No problem, we got some spoons and let our friends dig in. The shots were STRONG... two spoons later I was feeling it. Not sure if this is something I'd make on a regular basis (what with being out of college for a bit now) but it's definitely a fun experiment! Enjoy!

Rocky Road Crockpot Cake

I made this cake for my family in Colorado over Thanksgiving. It got rave reviews from those who were able to stay up late enough to try it. I didn't take altitude into my calculations and it was no where near ready when it was supposed to be, but I let it cook longer, and longer, and longer. It was great the next day too. I'd be tempted to try it again now that we're out of the mountains, but without 20 people to help me eat it I can't justify it. I recomend giving it a shot though... oh and I used almond slivers instead of walnuts. Highly recommend!

Glowstick Bowling

We had a neighborhood chili cook off and we needed some activities for the kids after dark. Glow in the dark bowling seemed like a great way to go. In reality the bottles didn't really knock over well like pins should and the kids were over it pretty quick... but a new, and better idea was born. Glow stick ring toss! Glow bracelets were tossed onto some glow sticks stuck in the ground sort of like horseshoes. It was a great twist on this pinterest idea. Hm... maybe I should have pinned it?

Fall Photos

I saw this adorable pic of a white dog in fall leaves... hey wait, I have an adorable white dog, and a backyard full of leaves. Done and done!

Elf on the Shelf (aka Twinkle)

After seeing a few million fun pictures of others' elves around their houses we put a call into Santa to get our own special friend! We had so much fun and turned to Pinterest regularly for inspiration!

Advent Activities

I loved this idea! Instead of candy or a present each day to count down to Christmas we had advent activities. (ie baking Christmas cookies, watching a Christmas movie, doing a random act of kindness for a stranger, donating a toy and singing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs!) I'm looking forward to making this a family tradition for many years.

Christmas Ball Wreath

I don't actually remember which pin inspired this, but I have been looking for the right wreath for our door forever and never found it. So, this year I made one and I love it! Lots of balls, hot glue, super glue and one steering wheel cover (hey it was the right size and for sale at the same store as the balls) and ta-da!

Felt Christmas Tree for the Kids

I saw this idea and had to make one for my little man. Felt sticks to itself, so he can decorate and undecorate his own tree over and over. Undecorating seemed to be his favorite this year :) To keep it looking nice no matter how it was decorated I hot glued the star and gifts into place. Super easy, and super fun!

Wine Cork Ornaments

Easy, cute and a great hostess gift with a bottle of wine for Christmas.

The Best Cookies Ever

These are my all time favorite Christmas cookies and I haven't had them in several years because I couldn't find the receipe.

Pinterest - The gift that keeps on giving!

Months ago I saw these earrings on pinterest and thought they were great. Simple, beautiful, sparkly - what more could one ask for? I showed my hubby and what a wonderful surprise for me when I opened a Christmas gift from him and there they were! I had completely forgotten about them or that I'd ever shown them to him. Merry Christmas!

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