Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gel Nails

I am someone who gets regular pedicures, but pretty much only gets a manicure for major events... weddings etc... what's the point? I typically chip them within a day or two and I'm not huge on color on the fingers anyway. I can appreciate it on others, but for me I'm transported back to 8th grade with lee press on nails.

Skip to next week... I had a big event and after going and going for months and really going and going that week I found myself with a spare hour before it was time to set up. Wanting a little pampering/relaxation I went for a manicure. I would have done a pedicure, but I was wearing boots, so eh... I'd heard of the gel nails and when the lady suggested it I figured this was good chance to try it out. I'm almost 5 days in and not the slightest hint of a chip! I went with a very light pink so it's just a clean neutral look. I'm a big fan.

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