Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indoor Fort Kit


I saw this idea several months ago and thought it was such a great gift for a kid! When my friend's little man's 4th Birthday came up I knew what he was getting. An Indoor Fort Kit!

I ditched the super hero theme and went for a camping theme instead. I found this great fabric and got 4 yards of it (cut into two pieces) and used that instead of sheets. I found some black burlap and thought that would make a great rugged bag to keep it all in.

Then I assembled the rest of the contents, some clamps, a flashlight/glowstick/whistle, and a pack of glowsticks (not pictured).

Next I made a quick drawstring bag to neatly store the entire for when it's not being used, (I love toys that store easily) and the fort kit was good to go! It was a fun gift to give, especially since I found out he'd never built a blanket fort in his 4 long years! His favorite part was the glow stick/whistle but I think he'll have fun when he gets a chance to build the fort too!


lagusis00 said...

He still loves the whistle, as a matter of fact all of them do! We have made the fort a few times, and it's perfect for this crazy summer heat. Thanks again!

Robert Brownfield said...

Building forts indoors is such a great activity for parents to share with their children. I'm glad to see that there are some great low cost options out there for parents. Some of the more professionally done fort kits out there can be more expensive, so for some this is a great option.